Fellow Constitution lovers, allow me to suggest an article from Pacific Legal Foundation titled, “Are mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports constitutional?” This excellent article, with references, by, does a good job outlining the current [unconstitutional in my mind] precedents in play should COVID-19 vaccinations start being mandatory by various private or government entities, as some are messaging they intend: “Over 150 Texas Hospital Workers Are Fired or Resign Over Vaccine Mandate

As I understand and teach our United States Constitution, and as I believe The Founders would want We The People to observe it. Any mandatory medical treatment must be held unconstitutional, except perhaps quarantine of a person or persons, each individually proven to be infected with a contagious disease of some significant mortality, certainly greater than the seasonal flu.

The article won’t give you comfort, but at least you’ll know where the epic level (and societal resistance) battle will begin. I believe from the information I read here, as well as digging a bit deeper, that mandatory vaccines can be mostly prevented if We The People take a reasonable, coordinated, fact-based approach to holding up our hands now.

Religious exemptions to vaccinations have been a commonly-accepted practice respectful of the Free Exercise Clause of the US Constitution, properly utilized for decades by a relatively small number of people in the United States, having no measurable impact on the majority’s desire to establish “herd immunity.” Only recently, aggression by governments and corporate entities to void these religious exemptions based on no justified medical reasoning are taking root and growing.

Our society has for decades, and currently does, recognize a well-established right to refuse medical care. Current medical industry practices further recognize a right to be fully informed about any offered treatment, absent coercion or harassment of persons in the gathering of such information for, or decisions made, regarding their bodies.

Liberty manifests firstly in the rights of the individual as their own agent, an essential decision of such being a personal and final decision what enters into, or any actions are taken on their body.

Liberty was granted to every American by our Creator and we assert in the strongest terms that personal and religious Liberty are protected by the Constitution and such Liberty protects our fundamental right to decide all health matters personally, including for our minor children. These are fundamental rights protected by the Ninth Amendment to the US Constitution, and religious freedom codified in the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Article: Are mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports constitutional? By James Burling, June 08, 2021 | https://pacificlegal.org/are-mandatory-vaccine-passports-constitutional/

Please consider sharing this article link via email and various social media, to help your friends and family be aware, prepare, and perhaps fire up pressure on elected officials against such mandates. It is easier to prevent government from starting an action than it is to get them to stop once started.

Disclaimer: I recycled some language from Nevada Republican Convention Resolution G-2020-01 Supporting Parental Control of Decisions for Medical Procedures [https://nevadagop.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/NRC-Resolutions-Committee-Final-Report.pdf], produced by the 2020 Nevada Republican Resolutions Committee, I had the honor serving as Chairman. The link displays all the resolutions we presented to the Convention, and which were passed unanimously. Some of you might enjoy clicking the link.

Article By: Shawn Meehan, Founder, Guard The Constitution

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