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Team Trump is working hard in Nevada. Nationally, real errors / fraud evidence coming to surface.

Right now all Trump supporters should focus on two things:

1) Stay positive, pray, offer positive messages for Team Trump online. Ignore the noise. Massive amounts of posts and memes are flying across the Internet with some facts woven with complete baloney. While these might seem to help, all they do is wear out Trump supporters.

2) Focus on the re-vote coming in Georgia for the Senate race. We need to win both of those seats to ensure Republicans keep the Senate. This will block tax increases, Marxist judge appointments from Biden, block amnesty, Iran nuke deal treaty (Senate must approve treaties), prevent further #secondamendment damage, and….. big one, keep investigations going into the corruption against Trump with Russia, Obama and Clinton.

If we lost Senate also, 3 minutes after Biden takes his oath, all that evidence will be “lost.”

Lots of good news came out of the election. We gained seats in the House. Republican women gained huge.

Let’s keep it real and focus on integrity in the current investigations, litigation of the election AND keeping the Senate.

President Trump’s campaign could use your $5 to help fund the legal expenses focused on election integrity:

Georgia Republican Senate candidates could also use your support:

David Perdue:
Kelly Loeffler:

I challenge Mr. Biden to join President by stating publicly that he wants the full truth to come out and that he will ensure his team completely cooperates with election officials and the courts.

Mr. Biden claims he has won and wants unity and credibility in his administration. Well Mr. Biden, if there is to be a Biden administration and if it is to have integrity, the only way will be if you stop your unjustified posturing and publicly proclaim you’ll fully cooperate. If you truly won, what are you afraid of sir?

Shawn founded Guard The Constitution to prosecute the important effort of preventing the deceptive Article V convention effort to re-write our Constitution. Over time, it became obvious that coordinating patriots in efforts to take our government back were possible, important, and a priority.

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