It is past time some facts and reality entered into the discussion about COVID and the unconstitutional government restrictions tyrannically enacted to enforce them. I’ve noticed that when I point out that government cannot force wear of the masks [1], harassers turn their fear argument to something like “well it might be a right to not wear it, but making others feel better is more important than your rights.” [2] Yup, heard that at the grocery store yesterday.

I have to ask, just which unalienable, individual, God-given rights are you willing to give up “to make others feel better?” Recall our Constitution was drafted and ratified to protect a minority from the tyranny of the majority; those with real problems wearing the masks versus those consuming the propaganda and living in their fear.

We have been told at times to stay home and not go to our job or business. People not sick cannot be told this [3]. You cannot have your rights taken away without first having constitutional Due Process.

We’ve heard plenty of stories of legal firearms-bearing individuals harassed by police after being reported by one “uncomfortable” gun hater after another as they legally walk down the street. Doctors and teachers ask kids if there are guns in the private home. Would you be willing to give up your gun rights to prevent someone from seeing your guns and getting their feelings hurt? Yes, violation of rights is violation of rights. Maybe next time someone tells me to put on a mask, I tell them to give me their guns? Surrender a right for surrender of a right?

What about your right to assemble peacefully to petition your government for a redress of grievances? Some people get uncomfortable at seeing protests. They lose their minds for some reason over protests that, after driving a few blocks away in their car, they do not even have to know are occurring. When you’re upset should protestors lose their rights? We know some “protestors” are actually rioters exercising a broader Cloward-Piven strategy to fully disrupt society and those riots are not protests (peaceful assemblies) and so are not constitutionally protected.

Many have opined with some anecdotal data that allowing the protests to continue has actually fueled the alleged increases in COVID infections. Their rights to climb all over each other in very close proximity and spread, spread, spread the disease wasn’t taken away. Yet, churches promising social distancing at services (not required to worship freely under the Constitution) are locked down and restricted, opened, then closed again in some states.

This shows us what further rights our self-anointed tyrannical taskmasters insist we will be forced to selectively give up: The right to worship as you chose, clearly protected in the Free Exercise Clause of the First amendment. Churches are under arrogant irrational attacks to close while casinos and restaurants remain open. I fail to see why so many have issues with churches voluntarily meeting in person. Perhaps the fear mongers shouldn’t go to those churches? Stay home and watch it online? Well, since the real reason must at least partly be the hatred of God and organized religion, they likely won’t attend at all, so maybe they just love the state controlling the free will of others? Draconian unconstitutional restrictions for thee but not for me perhaps?

The states are pressing to log information about persons you contact that might be infected and then force you to sign a form and give you an ankle bracelet and award you house arrest. Such requires Due Process, mentioned in two places in the Constitution, before such confinement, not after. But hey, it makes some people “feel better!”

What other rights are you willing to give up to make people feel comfortable? Masks don’t do what they’re telling you and they might harm you. [4]

Let me be perfectly clear here. You have every right to stay at your home safely isolated. You have every right to wear a mask that you believe protects you (and if it does, remind me why I need to wear one please?).

In the history of this great nation and the birth of our Constitution until today, nearly 1.4 million troops gave their lives to defend those individual rights codified in the Constitution. Not only does no other person, or government have the authority to deny my rights, the dismissive attitude towards rights so someone doesn’t get upset, is supremely offensive to the sacrifices of those that came before us and gifted us with that beautiful Constitution. Your individual rights are unalienable. You can’t give them away.

Be reasonable. Listen to reasonable people. Agree and disagree, always learning from others. But never surrender your rights.


[1]. Mandatory mask orders are also unconstitutional

[2]. We are told that wearing a mask is showing love for others to make them comfortable

[3]. Stay at home orders are unconstitutional according to retired federal judge AP:

[4]. Masks don’t work and clearly increase chances of transmission [Surgeon criticizes mask-wearing, lockdowns]

Shawn founded Guard The Constitution to prosecute the important effort of preventing the deceptive Article V convention effort to re-write our Constitution. Over time, it became obvious that coordinating patriots in efforts to take our government back were possible, important, and a priority.

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