A black man wearing a gay pride pin tells a smiling young black student he and his parents are a “disgrace to America” for supporting Donald Trump in a footage posted to YouTube Wednesday.

In the beginning of the 10-minute video, the older man shouts at the black high school student. “You are a disgrace to America for supporting a racist!” he says. “[Trump] doesn’t like you or your parents, he wants to send you back to Africa.”

The young man held his ground, and calmly asked the protester if he intended to let him speak, and the protester responded by saying that he needed to teach the young black man.

Later, a white protester breaks in, and starts questioning the small group of Trump supporters, ending her questions by telling the young black man, “you need to educate yourself.”


Trump is scheduled to hold a rally in Dallas, Texas Thursday, and a protest crowd of 2,000 to 4,000 is expected to appear. Dallas PD shut down the major roads in front of the venue in an attempt to try and control the crowds. Community organizers representing hispanics in Texas have expressed their desire for the protest to remain peaceful, but have also hired their own security force to protect them from Trump supporters.

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